Powering engagement in Retail

When it comes to engagement in the retail sector, ESG is certainly coming up with the goods. We’re already supplying some of the UK’s leading High Street players with key ingredients for engagement success - helping them overcome the challenges of connecting remote employees, across multiple stores and warehouses.

With our unified platform and toolset, they can now:

  • Communicate in real-time across multiple sites

  • Inform individuals directly, removing cascade burden from managers

  • Bring role-based groups together such as regional managers, category managers and salespeople

  • Tackle training, boost morale and increase performance in a bid to retain talent, delight customers and boost the bottom line

  • Equip customer-facing roles with the information and tools to meet customer expectations

  • Underpin broader strategic efforts to bolster bricks and mortar retailing

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Delivering engagement, experience, and enablement: how we make the magic happen for retail


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The UK’s largest provider of motorway service areas
Andrew Flook
Sector MD, Retail
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Andrew Flook

"Up to now, we’ve not had a direct, no-filter, instant means of reaching all of our people. At a stroke Engage has given us an amazingly powerful tool to enable us to achieve this.”

Louise Hughes
HR Director