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The Engagement Success Platform (ESP) has already helped organisations across multiple sectors transform how they connect to, communicate with and support their colleagues and their customers.

Now we’re the first specialist provider into legal, here to help firms truly own and manage the client and colleague lifecycles, and realise the benefits of driving engagement end to end.

Peter Gill
MD, Professional Services
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Having spent time engaging with Top 200 law firms, common themes have emerged when considering colleague and client engagement.  The list is by no means exhaustive, check out the quick summary and see what resonates with you.

Colleague Challenges
  • How to ensure colleagues have easy access to everything they need as an employee
  • How to automate the upsell, resell and cross-sell processes internally to drive revenue growth strategically 
  • Putting into play continuous feedback and real-time pulse monitoring, to understand how to improve the operations of the firm
  • Doing, not just saying, when it comes to supporting individual well-being and development, and creating a healthy business environment
  • How to move on successfully from ageing, static intranets that are no longer fit for purpose
  • Creating a mobile-first strategy that allows staff to tackle ‘employee stuff’ at a time to suit
  • Moving away from email and embracing social media style tools to enhance connectivity, communication and collaboration
  • Breaking down team silos and fee earner/non fee earner caste system to build more cohesive, collegiate cultures
  • Meeting the preferences and expectations of different generations easily and effectively
  • Tackling the non-compliant use of shadow IT consumer apps
  • Addressing missed efficiencies around self-service and task automation
  • Overcoming the clunky delivery of onboarding and training programmes
  • Creating cultures and environments that attract and retain the best talent
  • Solving the proliferation and waste inherent in costly ‘single use’ point solutions

Client Challenges
  • How to better manage relationships and the client lifecycle, not just the matter lifecycle
  • Introducing new services to clients as part of the lifecycle management, built around milestones to drive effective cross-selling
  • Creating a framework for referral creation providing clients with easy ways to refer prospects to the firm
  • Providing clients with on-demand capability, with self-service around information submission, matter updates, bill payments, address changes etc
  •  How best to enable ‘communities of interest’, bringing together clients, prospects and advisors with a common purpose or focus
  • Finding a viable, secure way to respond to changing client communication preference
  • Influencing clients and prospects more by sharing high value social media-based content, encouraging interaction
  • Addressing the lack of client feedback, other than during the matter cycle, to better gauge firm performance and client satisfaction, and understand more about what clients want from their law firm
  • How to provide clients with new tools to better leverage their relationship with the firm when they need to

Engagement Essentials
The appeal of the platform is that while it is structured around engagement essentials and gives you a genuine end-to-end solution, you can still come in at any entry point. Maybe you’re looking for a nextgen intranet replacement, or to refresh your internal comms, or to deliver that client app - with the ESP you can fulfill that immediate need, and use it as a launchpad for the rest of your colleague engagement journey or client lifecycle strategy.  

First Adopter Program
We’re currently talking to firms about getting them on board with our First Adopter Program – a unique opportunity to be first to market, working closely with the ESG team, enjoying favourable commercials and leveraging the mutual PR opportunity.  Places on the Program are strictly limited, if you’re reviewing your engagement strategy, across the business from the client and/or colleague perspective, contact us now to validate your inclusion.

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