Your success platform

The Engage Success Platform gives you the best of both worlds: a framework on which to build your engagement strategy, and the tools to make it happen.

It’s designed to help you get your engagement programs off the drawing board and onto the ground quickly and to plan, picking off your priorities and securing early returns before moving on at a pace to suit.

Whether you’re investing in your colleagues or your customers or both, this is all about ‘engagement in a box’, giving you everything you need to embed engagement at every touch point, for every individual.

As a cloud-based solution, it’s light touch, cost-effective and geared for rapid deployment. It comprises:

Engage App - The unified presentation layer, giving access to everyone and everything via secure single sign-on, and available for smartphone, tablet, desktop, web, terminal.

Engage Hub - User tools, content management system, knowledge base and service desk, built around the five pillars of engagement and driving digital adoption from day one

Engage Connect - our API component, allowing for the integration of limitless systems into the Hub and seamless presentation via the App

Engage Intelligence – our BI layer, providing data-driven insights to help organisations make better decisions and deliver higher quality information

The engagement success platform