The five pillars theory

Our five pillars of engagement are the backbone of engagement success. And they are your friend.

They are there to help HR leaders devise a manageable, pragmatic, flexible approach to the challenges around employee experience; and equally to assist operational and marketing heads with their efforts to strengthen client service and relationships. They can help shape thoughts and devise plans.

The pillars – five commonsense fundamentals - pivot effortlessly from internal to external audiences, bringing clarity and structure to staffing or client strategies too often undone by complexity and lack of focus.

Whether you are tasked with colleague or customer engagement, or working collaboratively to deliver both, it’s the five pillars that define the framework, the platform and the tools – and set you up for success.




Allowing organisations to connect in different ways but always easily and immediately: one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many, peer-to peer, top-to bottom, bottom-to-top.


Reaching out to customers consistently, dynamically and effortlessly, using a variety of media and channels.

Ensuring universal access to the job resources and systems that people need day-to-day.


Giving customers instant one-click access to a range of materials and documentation .

Giving colleagues more self-service opportunities to drive convenience and efficiency.


Providing customers with online, on-demand options to improve service and experience.

Ensuring not just that everyone has equal access to the incentives available but that achievement is properly socialised across an organisation.


Allowing customer loyalty to be acknowledged and rewarded consistently and not just at the point of sale.

Putting in place all the tools needed to drive the ‘ask, listen, do, ask again’ cycle and keeping attuned to needs and sentiment.


Ensuring customers are valued for their voice, and encouraged for their views.