Building engagement success

Engagement matters. There has long been a strong correlation between engagement inputs and business outputs. Statistically and instinctively, we know it's a 'good thing' - for people, performance and profit.

Put simply, committed, motivated staff boost work productivity and cultural contribution more than those who are disengaged; while an organisation that is joined-up and connected will be more agile, efficient and effective.

But understanding the value of engagement is the easy bit. Actually making a success of delivering it? That’s the tricky part.

That's why we devised a framework to help: a guide to the fundamentals that make for a more connected workforce and a more cohesive workplace. Do those basics well, in an order and at a pace to suit you, and you're 90% of the way there.

The framework is built on ‘five pillars of engagement’, our take on the real motors of engagement and the inspiration for the design and tooling of our solution.

Consider the pillars the theory, the platform the practical, and the result a faster, more assured route to engagement success.