Delivering for CXOs

One of our key differentiators is that Engage delivers right across the C suite. For one thing, it helps create a great people strategy, enabling you to connect and engage your colleagues with the business to better deliver those top-line objectives. That's an ambition that should be shared by everyone around the boardroom table, not just by HR.

For another, it offers up real value for the individual CXO. Engage simultaneously solves a lot of different problems, and also throws up plenty of opportunities to change, improve, innovate. Leverage that and you will secure returns for the business and positives for your scorecard.

Just see what it can do for you

 Delivering for CXOs 

A secure, easily managed mobile people platform for HR – internal comms tools, intranet essentials, self-service, rewards, surveys, epayslips, elearning, mood tracking etc

A functional powerhouse, offering everything from nextgen intranet to automated alerts to integration with time tracking, service management, roster systems

Not another orphan application but a unifying platform that can knit together discrete and siloed systems, hubbing capabilities to deliver new levels of enablement, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

A win-win for marketeers: an engaged frontline, an engaged customer base, a virtuous circle of ‘living the values’ colleagues and satisfied ‘happy to do business’ clients

Fiscal gains wherever you look – increased productivity, less waste, lower staff attrition, better leveraging of tech investments, improved sales, higher customer retention, a minimum 5:1 return on your Engage project

A unique means to orchestrate your business to maximise performance – make the most of your human capital; invest in your clients; automate, innovate, drive digital adoption; and exploit powerful analytics to see where your efforts will have most impact