Partnering for engagement success

We have a 100+ live projects currently across a variety sectors challenged by distributed working – from transport to logistics, retail to field services.
There’s deliberate emphasis on the ‘live’ bit. It would be wrong on all sorts of levels for us to take a ‘fit and forget’ approach to our Engage solution. The clue’s in the name really. This is an organic process, and we choose to actively engage with our clients to better help them build engagement success.
Call it partnership if you prefer but we stay for the duration. And we’ve adopted a number of ideas to give substance to this.

Engage Intelligence

Because the Engage platform aggregates a wealth of data, it made sense to us to offer up another functional layer, Engage Intelligence. You can unlock Big Data value through interrogation and manipulation. You can apply your findings to changing or improving engagement strategies themselves, or meld them with business intelligence or even customer experience to shape fresh insights.

Engagement Success Team

Let’s talk about our dedicated Engagement Success team. A mix of project and account managers, they work with clients on a rolling basis to help monitor, measure and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of Engage in relation to the success criteria agreed at the outset. To remediate where needed, to push on when wanted.

Engage Community

Welcome to the Engage Community. Here we interact with our clients more dynamically, solicit views, ask for suggestions for our roadmap. Get everyone invested and excited and actually synthesise all that feedback into the development process. And we like to give something back too, to give clients the means to come together, to share best practice, swap experiences, collaborate with like minds or like roles, and to generally strengthen community bonds through learning and social interaction.