About Us

We may be a young company in years but within the engagement space we’re a relative veteran.

We were first to market in 2014 with our engagement app and are continuing to lead with the world’s first engagement success platform.

Privately owned and now based in Liverpool and Manchester, we have built a close-knit team of leaders, technologists, consultants and project professionals, with an invaluable ecosystem of committed investors, advisors and partners.


Say hello to Phil and Phil

Phil Wedgwood

Phil Ashworth

Phil Wedgwood and Phil Ashworth are ESG’s CEO and CTO respectively, colleagues who have a long track record of success in business technology and are wholly focused on making Engage the default choice for engagement.

They lead a UK team that is totally geared to delivering engagement success end-to-end. It starts with sales, whose diligent discovery approach identifies both priorities and ROI in a comprehensive business case; then technical project management, who lighten the client load with their accelerated, frictionless deployment and integrations expertise. Looking after you on go-live is our in-service desk, our product champions who provide support day-to-day and are coordinators of all Engage-related feedback. They work closely with the development guys, who not only ensure the integrity of the platform but also drive a rolling program of user enhancements and new functionality. And last but not least our engagement success managers, the relationship owners and guide and voice of clients as they make their own self-paced journey to an engaged future.

Rod Bulmer
Mike Rogan

And then there’s Rod and Mike. Every growing company that’s also a bit of a pathfinder needs a Rod Bulmer and a Mike Rogan. Rod has spent much of his executive career at the highest levels of the Co-Op while Mike has built a reputation as one of the most astute investors and entrepreneurs in the North West. They’re generous in their time and knowledge and call them what you like – non-execs, guiding hands, sounding boards – they are also living proof that a Manchester United fan and a Liverpool fan can sit together in harmony.

And throughout every part of the company, from the developers to the project managers to the engagement success leaders, we’ve got the talent and enthusiasm you need to succeed at this level. It’s a team effort: our customers expect a lot for their enterprise investment, we’ve mapped out a route and a financial return, and everyone gets on with delivering. That we’re helping build real quantifiable engagement success across a diverse range of sectors is a great testimony to that team.