Enhancing Engagement Success

If you have a largely distributed, non-desked or mobile workforce, just how do you best bridge the inevitable physical, technical and cultural gaps that emerge? Gaps that morale, output and efficiency fall headlong into?

We’re all about bridging that gap by building stronger, sustainable employee and organisational engagement.

We are Engage Solutions Group.


Why engagement success matters

Your engagement success platform

Delivered as a platform, consumed as an app, Engage is already building better engagement in 100+ blue chip companies. It’s proven, it’s simple, it’s smart. And it’s driving the individual commitment and corporate connectedness that’s essential for powering improved productivity and performance.


How to build engagement success

Five pillars of engagement

As thought leaders in engagement we know what impacts on employee experience and business improvement.
Our five pillars of engagement underpin and support your journey to enhanced engagement success.






Benefits out of the box

Our light touch SaaS-based delivery gets projects up and running quickly and securely. Which means users get to enjoy Engage all the sooner and feel its benefits earlier. Single sign-on and the slickest of slick interfaces help. And of course it comes fully loaded, with all the tools you need for those engagement basics. 

Driving success from day one

Power of the platform

Use our API layer for effortless integrations with corporate systems. Curate your own extended engagement platform. Leverage existing investments by using Engage as an overlay. Pipe everything via the app to maintain that slick, single ‘window on the working world’.

Leading by example

What does engagement success look like? Different things to different people for starters. Our clients reveal just how many ways we’re helping them to drive organisational improvement and employee experience.

“The introduction of role-based social communities has helped drive a real sense of connectedness and purposefulness across our 70 sites.”

More client success stories

Client engagement

We’re already engaged with some of the leading names in the transport, logistics, retail, manufacturing, leisure and broader services sectors. Every day we’re helping them to manage, mobilise and motivate distributed, non-desked and mobile colleagues, whilst achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Adding value through client engagement