We all know that engagement is a 'good thing'. The challenge is not so much selling the concept but succeeding with your program. Just how do you make it all happen?

If your workforce is heavily distributed, non-desked or mobile, how do you connect everyone and everything? How do you deliver the essential comms, the job resources, and the tools for experience, enablement and empowerment?

With the help of Engage Solutions Group - the engagement success experts.

We are Engage Solutions Group.

Why engagement success matters

Delivered as a platform, consumed as an app, Engage is already building better engagement in 100+ blue chip companies. It’s proven, it’s simple, it’s smart. Above all, it gives you a really practical framework to help you get started, to begin joining the dots and to accelerate your journey at a pace to suit.

Destination: engagement success.


How to build engagement success

Five pillars of engagement

Engagement success largely depends on doing certain things very well - activities we have identified in our own carefully curated set of five pillars. They underpin everything - our thinking, our technology, and above all, your journey.











Benefits out of the box

Our light touch Cloud-based delivery gets projects up and running quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Which means users get to enjoy Engage all the sooner and feel its benefits earlier, driving positive adoption and ROI from the off. Single sign-on, slick interface, super toolset, what more do you need?

Driving success from day one

One app, all the tools

Our pillars don't just shape the theory, they shape the functional areas too. Enjoy a rich toolkit of engagement basics: simple to use tools and easy to add integrations, for a single window onto the working world

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Leading by example

What does engagement success look like? Different things to different people for starters. Our clients reveal just how many ways we’re helping them to drive organisational improvement and employee experience.

“The introduction of role-based social communities has helped drive a real sense of connectedness and purposefulness across our 70 sites.”

More client success stories

Sector focus

Engage was designed to help those especially challenged by distributed, non-desked and mobile working – that’s why we’re already working with some of the leading names in the transport, logistics, retail, manufacturing, construction, health, leisure and broader services sectors.

Client engagement

We don't leave when you go live. We stay for the journey, with a unique lifetime approach to engagement that builds success, sustains returns and maximises value for both colleague and company.

Adding value through client engagement