Powering customer and colleague engagement

ESG is the team behind the UK’s leading engagement platform. We help business leaders build connectedness, communication and commitment amongst the two audiences that matter.

Whether it’s reaching out to your customers or bringing together your colleagues you’re investing in the critical relationships and digital efficiencies that drive productivity and performance, service and satisfaction, retention and revenues.

We make it easier to do engagement better.

Why engagement matters

Slick, smart, simple

Say hello to a mobile-first platform that lets you own for the first time both customer and colleague lifecyles, transforming revenues, relationships and your employer brand.

  • a glossy App with all your communication, information and automation essentials behind one front door
  • an intuitive control centre for managing content, features and users in the Hub 
  • hundreds of system integrations made simple through Connect
  • the strategy-shaping analytics and insights of Intelligence

Your success platform

Connect your world

Connect customers and colleagues to everything and everyone they need. Mobilise them by putting all those engagement essentials at their fingertips. Create a universal digital workspace that streamlines, supports and satisfies. Embed the Engage App on every device, at every touchpoint.

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A platform for CXOs

Mobile comms tool for the HRD? Check. Nextgen Intranet for the COO? Check. System enabler for the CIO? Check. Revenue and loyalty builder for the CMO? Money saver and profit generator for the CFO? Innovation and improvement catalyst for the CEO? Check, check, and check.

Delivering for the C suite

Five pillars of engagement

Our five pillars of engagement underpin your journey to engagement success, cutting the challenge down to size and giving you a clear guiding framework for action. Just focus on the pillars and you're 90% of the way there.

Take five: Your engagement essentials

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Engagement proving key ingredient for leading bakery brand
13 January 2020
Frank Roberts & Sons, the next-generation bakery brand across the North West, has contracted with Engage to develop its colleague engagement strategy.
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Digital learning opens up path to engagement
17 December 2019
Leading learning and development provider, Raise the Bar, has announced details of a strategic alliance with Engage Solutions Group.
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I'm ready, I think legal is too
27 November 2019
The world of technology continues to develop with a real purpose and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to team up with former Rekoop/Intapp execs Phil Wedgwood and Phil Ashworth.
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